M-Bus Accessories

  • M-Bus Modem

    M-Bus Modem for PC

  • Modem for PC or Datalogger

    for PC or Datalogger

  • TCP/IP converter

    Serial Device Server for Ethernet

  • M-Bus Splitter

    Allows the connection of up to four M-Bus meters

  • Slave-Level-Converter (PW001)

    Changes signals of a PC to the M-Bus and in reverse.

  • S0-Converter (KV001A)

    Changes 2 S0 signals into ordinary, potential free contacts.

  • Optical head

    Ideal for mobile read out.

  • Sensor THI

    M-Bus inside temperature and humidity sensor

  • Sensor THO

    M-Bus outside temperature and humidity sensor

  • Power supplies

    For miscellaneous products.

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