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Slave-Level-Converter (PW001)

Slave-Level-Converter (PW001) | Relay Australia | M-Bus | Automation Industries

The Slave level converter changes signals from a RS232C interface of a PC to the M-Bus and in reverse. With a  PC and 
the software WinSlave a M-Bus slave can be simulated .
A terminal software (Hyperterminal,...) can display the logs of a M-Bus master on a PC.


  • Supplied via RS232 or external power supply (5..30VDC)

  • Galvanic insulation between RS232C and M-Bus

  • Baudrates from 300 to 9600 Baud possible

  • Status LED for external voltage

  • Signal LED for M-Bus

  • Available as pcb version (just board) or with housing for

  • DIN rail

Technical Data

Ethernet connector

Serial connector

LED displays

Power Supply

Supply voltage range DC

5,0..30,0 VDC

Input Voltage


M-Bus Baudrate

Current at 5V..30V

max. 5mA .. 15mA

Terminals Power Supply

V+ , V-

Operating temperature


Measuring Range

Storage temperature


Measurement Accuracy -20 .. 55°C

Measurement Accuracy -40 .. 55°C

Measurement Accuracy 10 .. 30°C

Measurement Accuracy - 10 .. 10°C

Operating humidity

Measuring accuracy humidity 10 to 90% RH

Measuring accuracy humidity 10 to 100% RH


Dimensions (mm)

WxLxH = 53x91x58

Dimensions HxWxD

Protection type



DIN rail TS35



Order Information

Order Number



Slave level converter with RS232C, incl. software WinSlave


Slave level converter with DIN rail housing, with RS232C, Incl. software WinSlave

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