PadPuls M2W

The PadPuls M2W is a 2-channel pulse to Wireless M-Bus adaptor. The battery driven PadPuls M2W sends the data according to the OMS standard.

  • Wireless M-Bus according to standard EN 13757-4 Mode S, T and C

  • OMS conform and compatible (Spec 4.X.X)

  • Optional encryption Mode 5 or 7, AES

  • Two seperated pulse inputs (for reed contacts, optocouplers,...)

  • Save detection of up to 18 pulses per second on both inputs

  • Debouncing

  • Free adjustable pulse value

  • Free choice of units (e.g. Wh, kWh, MWh, kJ, m3,  l,...)

  • Configuration via USB-converter cable (NOT INCLUDED)

  • Transmission interval adjustable between 10 seconds and 2 hours

  • Battery supplied

  • Battery lifetime about 14 years at 15min transmitting

  • Distributionbox for wallmounting

The PadPuls M2W is used for the wireless integration of up to two conventional consumption meters with pulse outputs into a wireless M-Bus radio system. The two count inputs can be parametrized almost arbitrarily via an adapter cable and can be adapted to existing installations. With the PadPuls M2W meter readings of water, gas, electricity and heat meters, which do not have a communication interface, can easily be transmitted to a wireless M-Bus receiver. For integration into an existing wired M-Bus system, our Wireless M-Bus to M-Bus gateway RelAir R2M can be used.

Technical Data


EN13757-4 and EN13757-3, OMS compatible

Transmission Mode 

S1,T1,C1 (unidirectional) / Frame Format A


Mode 0 (no encryption), Mode 5 or Mode 7

Transmission Interval

Programable: 10 Seconds to 2 hours

Battery Lifetime

(2400 mAh, soldered, not changeable)

Transmission interval 15 min. / 2 channels / T-Mode: about 14 years
Transmission interval 1min. / 2 channels / T-Mode: about 10 years

Pulse inputs

2, individually programable

Contact voltage

2,5V .. 3,6V

Contact current


Cable pulse generator

max. 10m

Debouncing time



potential free


open > 1MΩ, closed < 2kΩ

Contact Duration

min. 30ms

Pulse frequency

max. 18 Hz

Temperature range

0 to 55°C


W x H x D: 80 x 80 x 52 mm


Wall mounted

Protection Class

IP54 (up to IP65 possible)


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PadPuls M2W Wireless M-Bus Pulse adapter for 2 channels


USB to UART programming cable

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