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The M-Bus (meter bus) is a cost-optimized field bus for the transfer of energy consumption data. A central master - in the simplest case a PC with level converter - communicates by a 2 wire bus with the bus users (up to 250 slaves per segment: Heat meter, water meter, electrical meter, gas meter... and also sensors and actuators of any type). 
More and more manufacturer implement the electrical M-Bus interface with protocol layer into their meters. The M-Bus is European standard and described in the standards EN13757-2 and EN13757-3.

M-Bus Diagram | Relay Australia | M-Bus | Automation Industries
  • Standard field bus system (EN13757-2 / EN13757-3)

  • Two-wire bus with power supply of the bus users

  • No special requirements to the bus cable (electricity installation cable or telephone cable is enough)

  • Almost any wiring topology (line, star and tree)

  • Large extension (up to some kilometers)

  • Remote reading of consumption data (heat, water, gas and electricity ..)

  • Communication with sensors and actuators of any type

  • Energy monitoring and - optimisation

  • Leakage monitoring

  • Applicable in the industry and in private households

  • Good availability of system components

  • Superior costing / performance relation

  • Remote read out with modem possible from any place

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