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Optical head

Optical Head | Relay Australia | M-Bus | Automation Industries

The optical head is ideal for mobile read out. Together with a Laptop and suitable software a mobile M-Bus Master is possible. Just put the optical head onto the optical interface of the M-Bus device and data transfer can start. Our level converter PW3, PW20 and PW60 have an integrated optical interface too, so M-Bus devices can also be read out if they are not designed for optical data transfer.


  • 2 versions available:
    a) with RS232 interface for PC
    b) with USB interface for PC

  • Integrated magnet

  • Data transfer with up to 2400 Baud

Technical Data

Ethernet connector

Serial connector

LED displays

Power Supply

Supply voltage range DC

Input Voltage


M-Bus Baudrate

Current at 5V..30V

Terminals Power Supply

Operating temperature

Measuring Range

Storage temperature

Measurement Accuracy -20 .. 55°C

Measurement Accuracy -40 .. 55°C

Measurement Accuracy 10 .. 30°C

Measurement Accuracy - 10 .. 10°C

Operating humidity

Measuring accuracy humidity 10 to 90% RH

Measuring accuracy humidity 10 to 100% RH


Dimensions (mm)

Dimensions HxWxD

Protection type




Order Information

Order Number



Optical head for RS232C


Optical head for USB

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