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Modem for PC or Datalogger

for PC or Datalogger

 Analogue Modem| Relay Australia | M-Bus | Automation Industries

The Modem for PC or Datalogger enables in connection with a second modem the communication between a PC and a Datalogger via the analog phone line.

By this readout of stored data and remote maintenence of the central unit becomes possible. The 56K modem, which is tested for operation with our M-Bus centrals,  transfers in the 10 bit mode and is delivered configured for your special application.

  • 5 LED´s on the front show the actual operatin mode

  • delivery configured for the special application

  • licensed for all EU countries

  • desktop housing

  • external plug-in-supply, cable for connection to RS232 and phone in scope of supply

Technical Data

Ethernet connector

Serial connector

LED displays

Power Supply

Supply voltage range DC

Input Voltage


M-Bus Baudrate

Current at 5V..30V

Terminals Power Supply

Operating temperature

Measuring Range

Storage temperature

Measurement Accuracy -20 .. 55°C

Measurement Accuracy -40 .. 55°C

Measurement Accuracy 10 .. 30°C

Measurement Accuracy - 10 .. 10°C

Operating humidity

Measuring accuracy humidity 10 to 90% RH

Measuring accuracy humidity 10 to 100% RH


Dimensions (mm)

Dimensions HxWxD

Protection type




Order Information

Order Number



configured for PC


configured for MR005DL/MR006DL


configured forMR004DL


configured for DR001/DR002

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