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The PadPuls M4C is a pulse adaptor that connects up to four conventional meters with pulse output to a M-Bus system.

  • Four separated pulse inputs

  • Safe detection for up to 18 pulses per second at each input

  • Pulse debouncing

  • Pulse value free adjustable

  • Unit free selectable (e.g. Wh, kWh, MWh, kJ, m3, l,...)

  • Counter length: 8 decimal digits

  • Due-date function with integrated realtime clock and 15 monthly values

  • M-Bus protocol according to EN13757-2 and -3

  • Fully parameterizable by M-Bus or optical interface including overwrite protection

  • Transmission rates: 300, 2400 and 9600 baud with auto baud detection

  • Fully operable in case of M-Bus failure by integrated battery

  • Dimensions W x H x D: 53 x 91 x 58mm

  • mounted on DIN rail

  • Counter and denominator of pulse value free selectable

  • Tariff mode: 2 pulse inputs and 2 tariff switch inputs or 230VAC signal

  • Pulse input status reported

PadPuls M4C

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