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M-Bus Display / Logger / Level-Converter for 60 slaves



  • Front-CPU with LCD and 4 navigation-keys shows important M-Bus meter data

  • Autosearch of meters with list generation

  • Passcode protection

  • Additionally usable as level-converter by the RS-232 interface

  • Firmware-update by RS-232



  • Same features as M-Bus Display and additional logging and data storage function

  • Historical meter data on LCD

  • Configuration and export of meter data by RS-232 direct link or modem



  • Baudrates: 300 up to 9600 Baud

  • Overcurrent and short-circuit protection on the M-Bus

  • Echo cancellation and collision detection with break signalling

  • Displays for power, data transmission, max. bus current and overload in the screw-terminal room

All device variants with built-in 230V power supply (on request also as 110V US variant).
Wall-mountable field housing with PG cable feedthroughs (protection class IP53).

The three members of the W60 family are ideal for M-Bus installations with up to 60 consumption meters.

The base unit is a level converter only that has an RS232 and rs485 interface as standard. A PC with software is also required for remote querying.

The M-Bus remote display with integrated display and keyboard also enables real standalone operation, i.e. meter data can be read directly on site.

The third device in the W60 family, the M-Bus data logger, also enables automatic storage at freely selectable times. The collected data can be queried at any time via PC, laptop or modem.

Masterfamily W60

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