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PadPuls M1

PadPuls M1 | Relay Australia | M-Bus | Automation Industries

The 1-channel pulse adaptor PadPuls M1 allows the use of meters with pulse output as M -Bus slaves. So for example, data from a simple water or electricity meter can  central be read out by M-Bus.

  • Supplied by M-Bus, or integrated battery at an M-Bus failure, needs no power supply unit.

  • Full functional even if operated with battery.

  • Maximum pulse frequency 20Hz

  • Debouncing of pulses

  • Adjustable pulse values and pulse unit

  • M-Bus protocol according to EN1434-3

  • Fully parameterizable by M-Bus, including overwrite protection

  • Wall mounted

  • Also delivered as board without housing for OEM service

  • Protective class IP 54

The PadPuls M1 series of devices connects meters with  contact  output to the M-Bus system. This is a simple and flexible solution for reading already installed counters and measuring meters for  electricity, gas, oil, water and heat.
The power for the impulse adaptor is taken from the M-Bus. An integrated battery maintains the count function in case of a  bus  voltage failure. The capacity of the battery allows operation without M- Bus connection for guaranteed 7 years.
During installation the PadPuls M1 can easily be adapted to the pulse output of the meter. The measured medium, the pulse value, the pulse unit and the initial meter count are nearly free adjustable to the individual meter by setup software. An integrated security feature prevents data configuration after installation without opening the sealed housing.

PadPuls M1 Flow | Relay Australia | M-Bus | Automation Industries

Technical Data

Power supply

supplied by the M-Bus, switches automatically to battery at bus faillure

Bus operation

max. 1.5mA (1unit load), no battery charge

Battery lifetime 0,23Ah

only battery operated 7 years

Batterie lifetime 1,80Ah

Operating temperature

0 .. 55 °C

Battery expectancy

Pulse inputs

Potential-free contact

Contact voltage

Contact current

Cable pulse generator

Debouncing time



Contact duration

Temperature range

Pulse frequency

max. 20 Hz

Tariff signal

Floating contact

internal supply (3V, 3µA) debouncing time 1ms

S0 according to DIN43864

auxiliary 12..27VDC, 30mA
debouncing time 0.25 ms

M-Bus protocol

according to EN1434-3



Protective class


Transmission rate

300, 2400 and 9600 baud
(with Auto-Baud detect)


primary und secondary

Card IM001

H x W x D = 57 x 71 x 24 mm

Housing IM001G

wall mounted
black plastic
H x W x D = 90 x 130 x 43 mm

Housing IM001GC

rail mounted on TS35
light-grey plastic
H x W x D = 26 x 75 x 111 mm

Housing IM002GC


Order Information

Order Number



PadPuls M1 without housing


PadPuls M1 with housing

Both versions with configuration software MBCONF

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