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WebLog 120

M-Bus Datalogger for 120 devices with a webserver

WebLog 120 | Relay Australia | M-Bus | Automation Industries
  • M-Bus logger for 120 meters

  • Integrated web server allows complete operation via web browser

  • USB, Ethernet, W-LAN, RS232C, RS485, repeaters

  • Data export as XML, XLS, CSV via email, FTP, USB or download

  • Firmware update via web browser

  • Compact dimensions and top-hat rail mounting

  • Automatic, monthly export of meter readings per tenant possible (EED)

  • Repeater input enables dual operation with a second M-Bus master

WebLog 120 Icons | Relay Australia | M-Bus | Automation Industries

Compact M-Bus intelligence

The little sister of the WebLog250 now brings the full convenience and performance also to smaller installations. The M-Bus logger WebLog120 has an integrated web server, 4GB memory and adapts to your needs as flexibly as the WebLog250. The WebLog120 can supply M-Bus 120 meters with power and voltage and manage up to 1,000 meters. With the help of the implemented database, your data can already be structured individually in the central unit.

A particularly convenient function is the automatic export of the read data via email or FTP upload. In addition to the standard interfaces (USB, RS232C, Ethernet, RS485, repeater), WiFi is also available as an option. Thanks to the integrated double LAN interface and the repeater input, very individual installations can be realized, for example with a second controller or with a second M-Bus master.

WebLog 120 Flow | Relay Australia | M-Bus | Automation Industries

Remote access to the WebLog120 is done via a web browser. Up to 120 terminals can be managed.

Technical Data

Operating Voltage

110 .. 250VAC / 47 .. 63 Hz

Power Consumption

max. 60W

Power Input

Temperature Range

0 .. 45 °C

M-Bus Voltage (without load)


M-Bus Idle Current

Max. M-Bus Quiescent Current

M-Bus Current (C20)

M-Bus Current (C3)

M-Bus Quiescent Current

Bus Impedance

ca. 8 Ω

M-Bus Standby Current

max. 180mA

Overcurrent Threshold


Internal Bus Resistance

Bus Extension

Transmission Speed

Transmission Speed Optical

Bit Recovery

M-Bus Baud Rate

300 .. 38400 Baud

Galvanic Isolation



light grey and black ABS plastic, protection class IP 30, mounting on DIN rail, H x W x D: 140 x 90 x 60 mm


LED Status Indicators

power, communication, maximum load M-Bus, M-Bus short circuit , M-Bus active, ERROR

Control Panel




Operating Controls


2x 10/100 MBit Ethernet, USB-Host, USB-Device, RS232, Repeater, MicroSD, 2x USB-A
optional: W-LAN, RS485

Screw Terminals


3 x terminals for M-Bus, plug-in terminals for floating contacts and relay outputs


Data Memory

Dimensions H x W x D

140 x 90 x 60 mm




Firmware WebGUI Version 1 (Broadway)

Firmware WebGUI Version 2 (HTML5)

Order Information

Order Number



web enabled M-Bus center for up to 120 meters


2m power cord, safety plug


Series DSUB cable with 3 open cores

KA Patch

2m ethernet cable


WiFi adapter, internal

Additional Accessories

Order Number


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