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PiiGAB M-Bus 810

M-Bus Ethernet Gateway

PiiGAB M-Bus 800 | Relay Australia | M-Bus | Automation Industries

PiiGAB M-Bus 810 is a M-Bus gateway/converter designed for remote reading of M-Bus meters using a local network, city network or the Internet. The M-Bus gateway PiiGAB M-Bus 810 has front connectors for both Ethernet and serial communication.

The M-Bus gateway PiiGAB M-Bus 810 is designed to transparently read all type of meters which support the M-Bus standard using Ethernet and TCP or UDP. The M-Bus gateway translates the electrical signals of M-Bus to Ethernet. The M-Bus messages are read by standard software such as a SCADA-system, remote reading program, configuration program, databases etc.

A driver for COM-port redirection is included which turns the PiiGAB M-Bus 810 port into a virtual communication port on your computer. This means that most M-Bus programs on the market can be used independently no matter the support for Ethernet.

PiiGAB M-Bus 810 gateway is available with 2, 5, 20 or 60 M-Bus loads. There are four parallel M-Bus terminals using the same physical interface.

PiiGAB M-Bus 810 gateway features

  • 10/100 Mbit Ethernet

  • TCP/IP and UDP/IP

  • SNMP for network management

  • Fixed IP address or dynamic using DHCP

  • Operative system independent

  • 256 bit encryption (optional)

  • Configurable as TCP client or server

  • Password protected

  • 24V AC/DC

Technical Data

Operating Voltage

Power Consumption

Power Input

Temperature Range

M-Bus Voltage (without load)

M-Bus Idle Current

Max. M-Bus Quiescent Current

M-Bus Current (C20)

M-Bus Current (C3)

M-Bus Quiescent Current

Bus Impedance

M-Bus Standby Current

Overcurrent Threshold

Internal Bus Resistance

Bus Extension

Transmission Speed

Transmission Speed Optical

Bit Recovery

M-Bus Baud Rate

Galvanic Isolation



LED Status Indicators

Control Panel




Operating Controls


Screw Terminals



Data Memory

Dimensions H x W x D






Firmware WebGUI Version 1 (Broadway)

Firmware WebGUI Version 2 (HTML5)

Order Information

Order Number


Additional Accessories

Order Number


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