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AnDi 4

4-channel A/D converter

AnDi 4 | Relay Australia | M-Bus | Automation Industries

The AnDi 4 allows capturing of analog measured data such as pressure, temperature or speed by a M-Bus installation. All four analog inputs are electrically completely insulated and can be addressed as stand-alone devices on the M-Bus. During installation unit and scaling of the measured values are adaptable to the sensors at will. The AnDi 4 can also supply the installed sensors, so additional power packs are not required.

  • Power supply of the device: 24V DC

  • Up to four measuring inputs, each can be operated as a stand alone M-Bus device

  • Each input can be configured individually by M-Bus:
    Primary and secondary address, value and scale of the measured data

  • Measured data stored non volatile in an EEPROM

  • Use of sensors with output signals in the range of:

  • 0 ..20mA, 4 .. 20mA or 0 .. 10V

  • All measuring inputs electrically insulated to one another and to the M-Bus

  • Also available as versions for 1 to 3 inputs

Technical Data

Power supply

Bus operation

Battery lifetime 0,23Ah

Batterie lifetime 1,80Ah

Operating temperature

Battery expectancy

Pulse inputs

Potential-free contact

Contact voltage

Contact current

Cable pulse generator

Debouncing time



Contact duration

Temperature range

Pulse frequency

Tariff signal

Floating contact

S0 according to DIN43864

M-Bus protocol



Protective class


Transmission rate


Card IM001

Housing IM001G

Housing IM001GC

Housing IM002GC


Order Information

Order Number



4-way A / D converter


3-way A / D converter


2-way A / D converter


1-way A / D converter

Including configuration software MBCONF

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